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The Equalizer 3


The Equalizer 3

The Equalizer 3 completes this violent trilogy. although Antoine Fuqua hasn’t made a horror film yet. these action movies rival slashers with their imaginative, horrific killings at the hands of a tenacious killer who refuses to die. However, the killer is the hero instead of the villain, and he slaughters to save innocents from exploitation and murder.

Antoine Fuqua, who has directed all three Equalizer movies on the big screen, this third effort will be the last in the series for him.

The Equalizer 3 barely even tries to pretend that Robert will have difficulty battling the organized criminals who want to seize local assets for themselves because when your main character is such an incredible killing machine, there is little mystery about what will happen or whether he will succeed.It does seem like a plot that has run out of directions, a problem that being on the other side of the Atlantic doesn’t fix.

The Equalizer series features no moral ambiguity, despite Robert’s query in each movie, “What do you see when you look at me?” The show portrays Robert as a decent man, and everyone else on screen can only be classified as either good or wicked, with no room for doubt. Other than betting on which commonplace item Robert would transform into a lethal weapon next, such as a wine bottle or a meat cleaver, these films don’t offer much to think about.

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