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Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again at Kentucky event


Mitch McConnell appears to freeze again at Kentucky event

Somebody next to him then, at that point, asked him, “Did you hear the question, senator, running for re-elecrion in 2026?” McConnell didn’t answer.

The aide told reporters, “I’m sorry you all, we’re gonna need a minute.” A member of senator’s detail talked to him briefly, and McConnell was able to murmur an answer to him.

McConnell turned around and said, “OK” to the reporters. His aide asked if anyone had any additional questions and if reporters could “speak up.”

A representative for McConnell told to Media that the Kentucky Republican “felt momentarily lightheaded and paused during his ppress conference today.” A McConnell helper added: ” While he feels fine, as a prudential measure, the leader will be consulting a physician prior to his next event.”

He then went to a fundraiser for Rep. Jim Banks, who is running for a Senate seat in Indiana. This was a sign of how he continued with his schedule despite the fact that questions about his health kept coming up on Wednesday.

“Mitch is a friend, as you know – not a joke, I know people don’t believe that’s the case. We have disagreements politically but he’s a good friend and so I’m going to try and get in touch with him later this afternoon. I don’t know enough to know,”  Joe Biden said.

McConnell, the leader of the Senate Republican Caucus from 2007, has confronted inquiries concerning his wellbeing consistently. He was treated for a concussion and fractured rib in the wake of falling at hotel in Washington, getting back to the Senate a little while later.

Mitch McConnell freeze again at Kentucky event.


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