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Joe Biden says US ‘holds the world together’ amid wars in Israel and Ukraine


Joe Biden says US ‘holds the world together’ amid wars in Israel and Ukraine

President Joe Biden on Thursday made the case to Americans that it’s vital to both global and U.S. national security to assist Israel and Ukraine in their respective conflicts.

Biden said that “I know the conflicts can seem far away and it’s natural to ask: Why does this matter to America? So let me share with you why making sure Israel and Ukraine succeed is vital for America’s national security. You know, history has taught us that when terrorists don’t pay a price for their terror, when dictators don’t pay a price for their aggression, they cause more chaos and death and more destruction.”

Biden said in the Oval Office,”I cautioned the government of Israel not to be blinded by rage,  And here in America, let us not forget who we are. We reject all forms, all forms of hate, whether against Muslims, Jews or anyone. That’s what great nations do, and we are a great nation.”

United States President Joe Biden has announced his intention to request additional funding from Congress to support both Israel and Ukraine. He drew a connection between the actions of Hamas in Israel and the actions of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who initiated a full-scale invasion of Ukraine back in February 2022.

As calls for a ceasefire continued, President Biden able to secure an agreement from both Israel and Egypt to open the Rafah crossing. This move is crucial to facilitate the delivery of essential humanitarian aid to those in need.

President Biden also announced his intention to submit an urgent request to Congress for supporting Israel and Ukraine on Friday. Although he did not specify the exact amount of the security package, earlier reports have indicated that it could potentially reach as high as $100 billion.


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