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Fat Bear Week 2023 : Choose your chubby champion now


Fat Bear Week 2023: Choose your chubby champion now

The yearly competition at Katmai National Park and Preserve in Alaska has returned for 2023, and it is delivering some absolute units.However, before winter arrives, this is the most brilliant time of the year for bears. It’s time to choose your favorite chunk for Fat Bear Week!

The bears eat a lot of fish, berries, nuts, and other foods every year to put on weight and prepare for the cold winter ahead. And those bears sure can grow chubby. The National Park Service has launched a competition during Fat Bear Week to honor their chub. Fans can vote on which of the bears they believe has grew up most significantly.

Aimed to celebrate the healthy bulking season of Alaska’s brown bears to survive winter.Brown bears need to gain weight in order to survive the winter.

The competition in 2023 begins on October 4 and runs through October 10. It’s a single-elimination competition.

You will cast your vote for the bear that best represents fatness in each match-up. The bear who receives the most votes moves on to the following round.

One bear will be named the winner of Fat Bear Week at the conclusion of the competition.

which bear will be part of competition ?

32 Chunk | 128 Grazer |  151 Walker | 164 Bucky | 284 Electra | 402 |  428 |  435 Holly | 480 Otis |  747 | 901

Fat Bear Jr

806 Spring Cub  |  901’s Spring Cubs  |  910’s Adopted Niece  |  910’s Yearling

What is the objective of Fat Bear Week?

In 2014, Fat Bear Tuesday was transformed into Fat Bear Week, which was further extended in 2015.

It honors the bears’ achievement in gaining weight as well as the special ecosystem that supports them.

“Without the pristine Brooks River ecosystem to support an abundant salmon run, there would be no Fat Bear champions,” according to Katmai’s press release.

“Fat Bear Week is a celebration of success and survival. It is a way to celebrate the resilience, adaptability and strength of Katmai’s brown bears. Bears are matched against each other in a tournament-style competition, and online visitors can vote on which bear is ultimately crowned the Fat Bear Week 2023 Champion,” the park writes. 


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