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Celebrities around the world speak out on Israel-Hamas war


Celebrities around the world speak out on Israel-Hamas war

More celebrities are sharing their thoughts on the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas. The toll of casualties has sadly surpassed 4,000 on both sides as of Monday, with thousands more injured.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman, Actress, wrote, “My heart is shattered for the people of Israel,” on Instagram, adding, “I am in horror at these barbaric acts and my heart is pounding with love and prayer for the families of all affected.”


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Justin Bieber

The Canadian singer also used his Instagram stories to discuss the ongoing conflict.

He wrote, “Truly hurting for both my Israeli and Palestinian friends. I’m pretty sure we all instinctively know evil when we see it. To villainise all Palestinians or all Israeli people to me seems wrong. I’m not interested in choosing sides, but I am interested in standing with the families, who have been brutally taken from us”.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian also said, “Brutal terrorism has taken innocent lives and now both Israeli and Palestinian civilians are suffering,” in Instagram post.


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Madonna posted a video and wrote “Watching all of these families and especially children being herded, assaulted and murdered in the streets is Heartbreaking. Imagine if this was happening to you??”


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Jerry Seinfeld

Jerry Seinfeld, comedian and star of “Seinfeld,” shared his support for Israel.

“I lived and worked on a Kibbutz in Israel when I was 16 and I have loved our Jewish homeland ever since,” the comedian wrote, adding, “My heart is breaking from these attacks and atrocities. But we are also a very strong people in our hearts and minds. We believe in justice, freedom and equality. We survive and flourish no matter what.”

Elissa – Lebanese pop singer

Lebanese pop singer Elissa was among the first to express her solidarity with Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. She showed her support by liking  several posts on X (Twitter) that stood in solidarity with Palestine. Shortly after, she posted a tweet featuring the Palestinian flag alongside a quote that emphasized the importance of spreading awareness about injustice, even if unable to directly address it: “if you cannot lift the injustice, at least tell everyone about it.”

Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon shared a post on Instagram, expressing a hope for resolution.

“The ongoing conflict and loss of innocent lives in Israel and Palestine is more than the human spirit can bear. We are witnessing the darkest parts of humanity,” Witherspoon wrote. “Please God help us find our way.”


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Riz Ahmed
Oscar-winning British actor and rapper Riz Ahmed urges halt to “indiscriminate bombing of Gaza’s civilians and vital infrastructure, the denial of food, water, and electricity, and the forced displacement of people from their homes”.


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Jamie Lee Curtis

Jamie Lee Curtis, Academy Award winning actress wrote on Instagram, “ALL CHILDREN NEED OUR PRAYERS, CONCERN and LOVE be they Israeli or Palestinian.”


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The Rock- Dwayne Johnson

American actor and retired wrestler Dwayne Johnson said “I don’t pretend to know everything about the complex conflict of the Middle East. It commands deep understanding, context and nuance — what I do know is hateful acts of terrorism like these are never justified.”


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Lynda Carter

American actress Lynda Carter also shared her thoughts on X (twiter)

“Millions of Israelis and Palestinians have worked so hard to end the cycle of violence, only to see it escalate,” she wrote in a tweet, adding, “Nothing we say, as we sit safely in our homes and far away from the conflict, can really capture how much of a tragedy this is.”

Other Celebrities

Several other Arab singers have expressed their support for Palestine on Twitter. This includes Carole Samaha, Laila Ghofran, Nawal al-Zoghbi, Latifa, Ragheb Alame, Ruby, Nancy Ajram, Hani Shaker, Tamer Hosny, Walid Toufic, and Moeen Charif. In 2022, Moeen Charif released a song honoring the late American-Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh, who was tragically killed by Israeli forces while covering a military raid in the West Bank.

American singer-songwriter Kehlani stood as a prominent international celebrity who utilized her Instagram platform to express wholehearted support and solidarity with Palestine during the ongoing Israeli aggression. In a post on her Instagram story, the 28-year-old singer stated, ‘Free Palestine till it’s backwards.

Prominent actors from the Middle East, such as Karim Abedal Aziz, Sulaff Fawakherji, Monther Rayahneh, Mohamed Henedi, Kinda Alloush, Horeya Farghaly, Sherihan, Ahmed Helmy, Takla Chamoun, and Fifi Abdo, took to their social media platforms to express solidarity with the Palestinian cause.


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