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Apple ‘Scary Fast’ Event 2023 Updates


Apple ‘Scary Fast’ Event 2023 Updates: MacBook Pro, iMac with new M3 chips announced

On the evening of October 30th, 2023, Apple hosted a dark and spooky-themed product launch event ‘Scary Fast’ just before the arrival of Halloween. In a departure from their usual routine, the tech behemoth scheduled this virtual spectacle to commence at 8 PM Eastern Time and 5 PM Pacific Time, signaling that it was not tailored for the early morning or midday audience.

This particular gathering, aptly titled “Scary Fast” revolved around the debut of innovative Macintosh products. Apple introduced the inaugural trio of chips belonging to the M3 chip lineage M3, M3Pro, and M3 Max-alongside two accompanying devices engineered to harness their capabilities. The iMac underwent a transformation by integrating the M3 chip, while the MacBook Pro underwent a more comprehensive makeover, welcoming all three incarnations of the M3 chips. Furthermore, a new entry-level iteration of the 14-inch model was endowed with the M3 chip. In contrast, the Pro and Max iterations were reserved for the premium 14- and 16-inch models, complete with an exclusive obsidian finish.

Apple has launched 3 new MacBook Pro laptops with the M3 chipset series. The new MacBook Pro 14-inch with M3 chipset will be available from $1,599 onwards. Meanwhile, the higher-end MacBook Pro 14-inch with M3 Pro chipset starts from $1,999 and the 16-inch MacBook Pro with M3 Pro chipset starts from $2,499 onwards. The display will be available from a price of $1,599 onwards while the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be available from $2,499 onwards.

The company has also announced an update to the iMac with the new M3 chips, Which deliver up to 2 times faster performance than the last generation while offering the same design and color options. The new iMac will also be available for the same price, starting at $1,299 onwards.

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