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Andy Murray called VAR a “farce” in US Open 2023


Andy Murray called VAR a “farce” in US Open 2023

Andy Murray arrived at the second round of the US Open with a straight-sets prevail upon Corentin Moutet. The match saw the video survey framework utilized interestingly and it turned out poorly as the innovation didn’t work as expected. After a prolonged delay in court, Murray referred to it as “a bit of a farce.” He also said that he feels he is playing some of his best tennis since 2017.

Andy Murray was serving for victory against Corentin Moutet when the Frenchman requested a check for a double bounce called against him by umpire Louise Engzell. While she attempted to watch an instant replay of the incident, the official pulled out headphones to listen. But, after a long delay, Engzell announced the video review was “not working”.

“It took about four minutes to make a decision,” said Murray, who was 15-30 down in a game where he was serving for the match.

“I’m pro using technology to get to the right calls – but you’ve got to have it working. When it goes like that, it turns into a bit of a farce.”

“Per protocol, a video review and any call based off a review must be made by the chair umpire via the video delivered to their tablet on court,” organisers said.

“I knew there is VR, I don’t know how they use it,” said Andy Murray.

What is VAR ?

The U.S. Open will be the first Grand Slam to use a Video Review (VR) system to help Chair umpires when calls are Challenged at the current year’s competition, with the system already producing positive criticism at different ATP events.

The system will permit players to challenge a range of decisions, like those relating to double bounces and foul shots, and will use different camera angles to get the best view of an incident, as per a report on the U.S. Open media site.

Chair umpires will review the evidence to determine if the original call has to be overturned or confirmed. If there is no clear evidence to change a call the initial decision stands.


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