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104 year old skydiver dies 8 days after record breaking jump


104 year old skydiver dies 8 days after record breaking jump

Dorothy Hoffner, a remarkable 104-year-old woman from Chicago who made headlines for her recent skydiving adventure, has passed away. Her daring jump could potentially earn her a place in the Guinness World Records as the oldest person to skydive from a plane.

“Age is just a number,” Dorothy Hoffner told the Chicago Tribune, after leaping from a plane last Sunday.

Dorothy Hoffner’s close friend, Joe Conant, shared the sad news that she was discovered peacefully in her room on Monday morning by the staff at Brookdale Lake View senior living community. It seems that Hoffner passed away in her sleep on Sunday night.

Dorothy Hoffner’s leap on October 1st wasn’t her inaugural dive; that took place back in 2019 when she was a vibrant 100-year-old. The idea to try skydiving sparked during a dinner conversation with Conant, who expressed his enthusiasm for the thrilling activity.

Following her latest skydive, Dorothy Hoffner expressed surprise at the level of interest people had in her adventure. Despite her bewilderment, she graciously spoke to reporters about the experience. “Floating down, it’s so smooth,” she shared with the Chicago Tribune, describing the descent as “nice and peaceful.” During an interview with a local TV station, ABC 7, her primary concern was lighthearted: “What are we having for dinner?”

Conant mentioned that Dorothy Hoffner had a career spanning over four decades as a telephone operator with Illinois Bell, eventually transitioning to AT&T, before retiring 43 years ago. A lifelong resident of Chicago, she never married and had no immediate family, as per Conant.

A memorial service to honor Hoffner is scheduled for early November.

“She was a dear friend who was an inspiration,” Conant said.


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